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Agriculture is the art of knowing how to wait.

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP

Genuine oil, that speaks of ancient secrets, those of a land with a great and generous soul. Our oil is born from a work of harvesting, transformation, and production, carried out on site.

The certainty of bringing to the table a genuine product that comes from our plants.

Two olive groves, one with plants about 50 years old and the other with centuries-old plants. Our extra virgin olive oil has the Tuscan IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication), a guarantee of the production chain.

The Vineyard
Sangiovese and Merlot

At the foot of the village of Sticciano, you will find our small and tidy vineyard.

The surface extends for about 5000 square meters, where two varieties of vines are cultivated with care and passion: Sangiovese and Merlot.