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Iris Room

1 double bed
1 bathroom
2 guests
1 double bed
1 bathroom
2 guests

Double room with bathroom, located on the ground floor at the beck of the "Quercia" building. To enter the room, you pass through an exclusive loggia with a small sofa and garden view. The room is very close to the pool and is furnished with a double bed, a spacious rustic-style wardrobe, and other furnishings.

The room is characterized by a wooden beamed ceiling and portions of the wall in exposed stone with two characteristic niches creating plays of light.


    Bed/Bath Linen
    Hot/Cold Air Conditioning
    Wi-Fi in common areas
    Shower and complimentary toiletries
    Non-Smoking room
    Free Pool Access


    • Private bathroom with shower
    • Toiletry kit
    • Towels and linens
    • Heating/air conditioning
    • Free Wi-Fi in common areas
    • Garden view
    • Parking

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